Become a Friend of the Sisters

Friends of the Sisters

We know that you love our Sisters; you've shown as much over the years with your kind prayers and generous donations. Your support means the world to us! Did you know there is now a simple, convenient, and safe way for you to donate monthly to the Sisters without having to sitFriend of the Sisters down and write a check or send an online gift? Let us tell you all about our Friends of the Sisters program!

Becoming part of the Friends of the Sisters program will allow you to select a regular monthly gift amount that fits within your budget, then authorize your bank or credit card company to transfer this amount from your account directly to the Sisters on a monthly basis. Each month, your checking account or credit card statement will show the date and amount of your donation to the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. If you want to change the amount of your gift, stop automatic donations transfers, or if you move, change banks or get a new credit card, just pick up the telephone and call us. We can quickly make any changes you require!

The Sisters benefit because your donation goes farther when our administrative, postage and paper costs are reduced. More of your offering can go directly to support our retired Sisters. Also, because we can count on your contribution each month, we can more effectively budget our limited resources. It also makes giving easier and more convenient for you, with no more checks to write and no more envelopes to mail.

The automatic transfer of funds is safer than mailing cash or checks. In fact, one of the largest users of this method of fund transfer is the U.S. Social Security Administration. However, if you prefer to mail us your donations, we will gladly supply you with monthly donation envelopes.

To sign up, or for more information, please contact Katherine Barth at or via telephone at 847-298-6760, ext 143.

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