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It's never too early to order oplatki for Christmas.

We regularly stock oplatki, the Christmas wafer, baked by our Sisters in Nowogródek, Belarus. This meaningful Eastern European custom brings a special dimension to your family celebrations on Christmas Eve and throughout the Christmas season. Oplatki are shared on Christmas Eve with the head of the table saying a prayer, thanking God for the family's blessings and asking forgiveness of anyone he or she has injured. A piece of the oplatek (singluar form of oplatki) is broken off and shared, then the oplatek is passed to the next person and the ritual repeats itself.

The 2 x 4-inch wafers are imprinted with religious designs.

We ship orders starting in late October in the order they are received. Your generous donation will help support the lives of our Sisters who live and minister in Nowogródek. 

Remember to request your Oplatki early so that they will arrive in time for the Christmas season. 

Complete our online form or call our Develoment Office at 847-298-6760 ext. 137.

Free will donation appreciated.


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