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  • Gospel Reflection: July 14, 2024 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    July 14, 2024

    As I read Sunday’s Gospel, it occurred to me that the only thing Jesus instructed the Apostles to take with them as they went out were sandals and a walking stick – the things they needed to remain on the path. It gave me pause to consider how distracted I get by those things that are not essential on my path.
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  • Wednesday Reflection - July 10, 2024

    July 10, 2024

    I think it is true that the older we get, the more stains we collect. The question is, do the stains that build add to my life by way of flavor building upon flavor, or do the stains leave a bitterness of heart?
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  • Gospel Reflection: July 7, 2024 – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    July 7, 2024

    Misunderstanding and rejection are the reality of being a follower of Jesus. He experienced rejection, the disciples experienced rejection and we will experience rejection. Sometimes it will be by those closest to us. And we will reject others, too. Misunderstanding and rejection can be paralyzing.
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