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Wednesday Reflection: December 14, 2022

December 14, 2022

Dear Friends,


Do you remember that ketchup commercial that used that jingle? The time of our Pilgrimage is getting shorter as we move into the Third Week of Advent; how has your journey been going? You might have to check in and separate the ‘urgent’ from the ‘important’!

This third week has a definite theme of anticipation, waiting, and having patience. John the Baptist is in prison, and he is waiting to hear about Jesus from his disciples. He is waiting to see what his fate will be.

Fr. Mark Toups, VG, in his book Rejoice, reminds us that “where we are in life often reveals what God is doing. It is the where that often reveals the what.” John knows that God is with him in his imprisonment. It suggests that no matter where we are, God is with us, in the joy and in the struggle.

We need someone or something to hang on to when we are in the midst of struggle. It’s like having a rudder on a boat helping it to go in the right direction. Sometimes we get impatient with ourselves, what is happening in our life, and just the demands of our day to day. Waiting can be difficult. Imagine what it’s like when you’ve been in a long line at the grocery store, and can hardly wait to get to the cashier. At a time like this, would you be willing to let someone with only one item go ahead of you? Sometimes I would, and sometimes NOT!

In our Advent Pilgrimage there will be times that we all must wait. To help us do just that, I want to share with you part of a litany of waiting that our Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN, wrote for this edition of Rejoice.

“From the fear of waiting, deliver me Jesus.

From the fear of change, deliver me Jesus.

From the fear that your promises will not come true, deliver me Jesus.

From the belief that you have abandoned me in my waiting, deliver me Jesus.

When it is hard to wait joyfully, Jesus, I will wait with you.

When my struggles are overwhelming, Jesus, I will wait with you.

In the ordinary events of life, Jesus, I will wait with you.

When I am uncertain, Jesus, I will wait with you.

Through the pilgrimage of this life, Jesus, I will wait with you.

Son of God, Emmanuel, you are my hope. In all circumstances, help me to wait with you, on you, in you, and through you. Amen”

(Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN, Rejoice)


Spend some time with these parts of the litany. Take these words to heart and see where you can improve and let go.


Till next week,

Sister Theresita

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