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We appreciate your support

February 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your support, last year we were able to replace an air handling unit at Mount Nazareth in Philadelphia, a water chiller at Holy Family Convent in Des Plaines, IL and the fire/carbon monoxide alarm system at Jesus the Good Shepherd Convent in Grand Prairie, TX. Our Sisters appreciate all that we were able to do because of your help.

Today we come to you with a special request. 

Holy Family Manor in Pittsburgh, where a number of our retired Sisters live, is in need of some renovation. Originally built in 1966 as a convent for senior Sisters, it now serves as a personal care home for lay people and religious. But unfortunately, it’s not equipped to meets the needs of these frail, elder Sisters. 

Currently the Sisters live on the second floor of this large building, and most of them must walk fairly long distances to get to the chapel or the dining room. Since the average age of these Sisters is 89 year old, it can be exhausting. 

Considering their advanced years and precarious health, our goal is to renovate the first floor space for the Sisters to include full private bathrooms to replace the communal bathing facilities they now share; to increase the size of their rooms, to provide a community room and private dining area. This new living area is much closer to the chapel where they spend many hours in prayer and to a gathering space where they can enjoy their meals and special occasions together.

We know you love our Sisters and want to help us ensure that their living situations are safe and comfortable. So we’re hoping you will assist us to complete these necessary renovations for these wonderful women.

We have always done our best to pay our own way, but as our Sisters age, fewer are able to hold full time jobs, meaning our annual Sister-provided income is decreasing. This makes it impossible for us to meet all of the Sisters’ needs without your assistance. 

And so, on behalf of all our Sisters, but especially those living at Holy Family Manor, we’re asking you for your help. We assure you that any gift you give will be greatly appreciated and spent wisely.

Each time you make a donation to assist in supporting our Sisters, you show your love and concern for them. Any gift you make is a wonderful blessing to us!

Would you consider a gift to help us complete this much needed renovation? You can make a secure donation using your credit card or bank account at our website at Please make a note in the message/prayer request section that the donation is for our Annual Appeal.

We can’t thank you enough for your assistance, your loyalty, and your devotion to our Sisters. We know that we can count on caring friends like you to help us care for our elder Sisters. 

Thank you for sharing with our Sisters,

Sr. Kathleen Maciej, CSFN
Provincial Superior                                                                

Katherine Barth
Director of Development

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