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Wednesday Reflection: May 10, 2023

May 10, 2023

Dear Friends,

Lately I have been talking to you about hearing God’s voice. What is God calling us to?

There are several ways through which we hear God speaking to us. One of the ways is through Scripture, and in my specific case as of late, through something as simple as a Psalm.

Recently while speaking with a group from RCIA, another Sister I reside with and I shared how the words of the Psalms can reach deeply into our present life situations. Our Deacon had spoken with us about the many different translations of the Bible, and then gave us an example using Psalm 23 which here is from a Japanese translation:


Psalm 23 (a Japanese translation that has been translated back to English):

The Lord is my Pacesetter, I shall not rush.

God makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals.

God providing me with images of stillness which restores my serenity.

Leading me in the ways of efficiency through calmness of mind.

And God’s guidance is peace.

Even though I have many things to accomplish each day, I will not fret, for God’s presence is here.

God’s timelessness, God’s all importance, will keep me in balance.

Preparing refreshment and renewal in the midst of my activity.

By anointing my mind with the oils of tranquility.

My cup of joyous energy overflows.

Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be the fruit of my hours.

For I shall walk in the pace of my Lord and dwell in God’s house forever.


If you happened to pull out the English translation, in whichever Bible you own, you will see how the verses coincide. However, as you look at the two different translations, one of them is more likely to pull at your heartstrings and feel more comfortable and familiar. Yet in spite of the differing language, the message still remains the same! With the Psalms, we all have the opportunity to hear God’s voice calling us to MORE.

I challenge you to a few things this week. First, take a favorite Psalm or other text from the Bible and make it your own. Use the words that speak to you and feel comfortable while still keeping them in context.

Another challenge is to pray that Psalm by using the word I instead of Ruler, King, the people, and so on… It may just put a new twist on it for you!

Lastly, I challenge you to review the readings of the upcoming Sundays and see how God is calling you to ‘new life’ through reading and reflecting on His word.

Till next week,

Sister Theresita

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