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Gospel Reflection: Dec. 27, 2020 – Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

December 26, 2020

LK 2:22-40

On this holy feast day, just two days since the celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord, Jesus, the focus shifts to the parents of Jesus. They fulfill the ancient tradition of presenting their Son in the Temple. Following this sacred ritual, we can imagine that Mary and Joseph then continued to carry out their duties of religious and formal education for Jesus in addition to bringing Him up in a very loving and happy home. The Holy Family stands as a model for Christian families everywhere and for all time. How beautiful is family life in a home, which is a place of love, trust and hope. A Christian family lives on holy ground. The members of this family can model their everyday living on the bonds, which the Holy Family demonstrated from the moment Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem. They depended on their God; and they trusted in His providence for them. Life was not easy then nor now. Yet, life in the family is the most beautiful example of devotion and Godliness, which this world has to offer.

Anna and Simeon play a role in the drama of this day in 2020. They recognize that the child Jesus was destined to be someone very special, not just to the Jewish people but to ALL people. They saw that he was their hope of God’s promise and salvation. Many years of faithful service in the Temple were rewarded as their eyes saw the fulfillment of all they dreamed of and hoped for. Truly, Simeon and Anna can be our saints to emulate in our patient waiting, our determination to make things work and our firm belief that God is in charge no matter the difficulties that rage around us.

Jesus emerges as the light of the nations on this sacred day; and to Him we look to be our guiding light amidst the darkness of ignorance, violence, hatred, viruses and injustice.

Through word and sacrament, may all families grow as a holy family who love one another and love God, themselves serving as a light for this world.

Sister Diane Marie Corrado, CSFN

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