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Gospel Reflection: Sept. 19, 2021 - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 19, 2021

Mark 9:30-37

If you want the truth, just ask a child!

Children don’t have filters. They haven’t yet figured out what it is to be “politically correct” or “politely vague.” If they have a question, they ask. If they have a thought, they speak it. Perhaps this is why Jesus lifts up the children and proclaims: “Whoever receives a child, receives me, and the One who sent me.”

Jesus tries to speak a hard truth to his closest friends, a truth he knows will be difficult for them to understand or accept. Saint Mark tells us that they did not understand the saying about Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection and were afraid to question him. For many reasons, we, like the apostles, are afraid to question God. Does questioning God show a lack of faith or trust? Most certainly not!

Pouring out our fears, concerns, doubts and questions shows an utter humility and hope in God. Like a child, it draws us closer to Him, to His heart, where we can lay our head and rest in His peace. It doesn’t mean we will have all the answers, but we can be assured that He does!

Sister Michele Vincent Fisher, CSFN

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