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Gospel Reflection: May 24, 2020 – the 7th Sunday of Easter

May 23, 2020

JN 17:1-11A

In this Sunday's Gospel we hear a very important message that Jesus prays for us! It feels very comforting, especially in these troubling and uncertain times, to know that Jesus is paying attention to our needs in a very personal way. Jesus prayed for His disciples, those He was leaving in the world to carry on His mission. That prayer certainly carries through until today for WE ARE HIS DISCIPLES who carry on His mission of love, compassion and service. During these past months of sheltering-in-place, social distancing, wearing masks, cleaning continuously, “fasting” from the Holy Eucharist because of no public worship and Mass, we have had the Lord walking with us and interceding for us to His Father. Jesus and the Father are ONE; and we are invited into that “UNITY” of hearts and minds and actions. Because of our unity with the Trinity we are empowered to do the works that Jesus did. Reflect for a few moments on the many ways that we have seen people at work, helping others during these weeks of pandemic. We have seen those on the front lines – doctors, nurses, EMTs, grocery store employees, etc… We have seen families reaching out to neighbors. We have seen people feeding the poor and homeless. We have seen many others doing things too numerous to count. The world is in the midst of a pandemic; but the world still has the POWER of JESUS’ LIFE, LOVE and MISSION very strongly at work!

Alleluia! AMEN!
Sister Diane Marie Corrado, CSFN

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