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Gospel Reflection: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 8, 2021

John 6:41-51

For the past three Sundays, we have heard the gospel taken from the sixth chapter of John, and we’ve got two more Sundays to go!

The sixth chapter of John is known as the “Bread of Life” discourse. We begin with the feeding of the five thousand and the multiplication of loaves and fishes, then Jesus invites us to seek after bread that lasts and not to work for bread that fails to satisfy. This week, Jesus tells us that He, himself, is the Bread of Life. Do you see where He’s going with this?

Bread is what gives life and sustains. Yes, we need to be physically fed, but we are also called to be spiritually fed, to understand that our true hunger, our true desire is not for what is passing, but for what is eternal: for life with God, in Christ Jesus. But the invitation goes even further. Is it enough to have Jesus be the fulfillment of our hunger or are we called to more? Are we called to become what we eat, to be bread for others, first by nurturing a deep relationship with Jesus and then offering ourselves to be sustenance, nourishment and goodness for the world?

Sr. Michele Vincent Fisher

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