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Gospel Reflection: April 17, 2022 - Easter Sunday

April 17, 2022

Alleluia! He Has Risen!

In each of the three possible readings for Easter (Luke 24:1-12 read at the Easter Vigil; John 20:1-9 read at Sun Rise; or Luke 24:13-35 read on Easter Day), all speak of an encounter with the Risen Lord.  From the women going to the tomb in the morning to take care of the body of Jesus, to Peter and the disciple experiencing the empty tomb, to the disciples meeting a stranger (Jesus) on the road to Emmaus: each met the Risen Lord in a different way, but with each encounter, their faith and belief in Jesus was reinforced.

As I sit and think about each of these readings, I place myself in each scene.

Would I be like Mary, who wants to give Jesus a hug?

Would I be like Peter, who enters the tomb and sees only an empty space before real belief sets in?

Would I be like the disciples on the road, listening with hearts on fire as we hear scripture being unfolded?

In each case, I think I would be overwhelmed and say I know this story, each encounter, each moment with Jesus.  And I want is the whole world to know the Risen Lord, that He is real!

More than ever, today the world needs to know and feel the hope and peace the Risen Lord can bring.

How can I (you), with the faith given us, make a difference in this world?

How can I (you), be that messenger of hope the world needs on this Glorious Day? 

Sr. Rebecca Sullivan, CSFN

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