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Aug. 28: Wednesday Reflection

August 28, 2019

Dear Friends,

Summer is rapidly coming to a close and it is time for familiar things to start up again. I find this time of year to be like New Year’s Day as we get to start over after a short respite. And so, we plan. What can I do better this coming season? I love the feeling of a fresh start. There are so many possibilities.

Well, that is how I felt this Sunday as I journeyed to church. Liking variety, I decided to attend Mass at a different parish. I got the verbal instructions on how to get there and I was all set. Or, so I thought. With St. Anthony and St. Michael at my side, I set out. Then, suddenly as I did my second to last turn I thought, “Did they say left or right?” Of course, I went left when I should have gone right. But, I pulled out my ever-ready phone (after safely pulling to the side of the road, of course) and got the church address, then prayed very hard to St. Anthony. (He has been working overtime with me this year). I made it just in time!

During the Mass, I started thinking about getting lost and how we feel and what we do when that happens. There is something unnerving about being lost whether it is being physically lost when trying to find a new location or being emotionally or spiritually lost in life. We can get lost in our anger, hurt, or misunderstandings. We can find ourselves lost in trying always to be right. What about being lost in our own self-importance and entitlement? For me, feeling lost in life’s situations can be very uncomfortable.

This summer has provided me with several opportunities to feel lost. I don’t care for the lack of control that being lost makes me feel. And yet, as I found myself listening to the homily, I realized that there are different ways that I can find a peaceful alternative to feeling lost.

Personal prayer ranks number one for me. Asking others to pray with me and for the situation proves to be a great consolation. Surrounding myself with good friends and role models also helps when I get that lost feeling. There are also wonderful things I can read that will inspire me and put me on track. Spending time alone or with a spiritual director is helpful, too.

In our faith life we have many resources. We need to be aware of them and ask for advice. Doing our best is all that God asks of us. So you see, being lost isn’t that bad. If we trust in God and call on Him for help, we will find our way back to where God wants us to be. 

During this week, check in and see if you are experiencing a sense of being lost. I know for sure that if you trust in God, all will not be lost. I leave you with these words from Henry David Thoreau: “For not until we are lost… do we begin to understand ourselves…”

Blessings until next week,
Sister Theresita

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