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Gospel Reflection: July 12, 2020 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 11, 2020

MT 13:1-23

In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus tells us another parable. This one is of the sower and the seed. These two elements were very important to daily life. The farmer would sow the seed. The seed would hopefully yield an abundance of fruit, would provide nourishment for people to live. Jesus was trying to tell the people that what he would be the seed that people needed for an abundant life here and now, leading to everlasting life.

As I reflected on this gospel my thoughts kept going back to the many stories I have heard and life lessons the sisters taught that influenced the paths of life the students took. What those Sisters did was to help bring to life the words of Jesus. Whether it was a listening ear, taking an interest in the life of a student when there was some type of difficulty, or leading by example, the actions the sisters took were the seeds that yielded abundant fruit.

I may never know how many lives I have touched over the years, but I hope that I have spread the good news of the kingdom to many people. How have you spread the good news that Jesus came to bring to all people? If we all do just a little bit, think about how much goodness that can produce.

Sister Rebecca Sullivan, CSFN

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