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Wednesday Reflection - May 26, 2021

May 26, 2021

Dear Friends,

Just in case you have not guessed it, I love certain TV programs. While many these days prefer to stream and binge-watch their favorite series, I guess I am a little old-fashioned. I prefer watching network television and waiting each week to find out what happens next! I have my favorite days, shows, and times. Sadly, it is coming to that time of the year when most of the season finales take place. There is nothing I dislike more than a cliff hanger ending with the words “to be continued…” Ugh!

Well, we just celebrated the feast of Pentecost and I think that the Apostles and Disciples experienced the time leading up to Pentecost as a cliff hanger. Then came the Holy Spirit and what do they do but go out and preach the Good News fearlessly. They are onto their next season, one might say!

What about us? We know we have the gifts and yet we may choose to watch the reruns instead of moving onto the new season in our life. During this past year, Fr. Tom, the pastor at St. Philip and James Church in St. James, New York, has urged us to look at things differently and to go to the light, be aware of who we can become, and so much more! But again, I suggest that, sometimes, it can be easier to watch the reruns than to change our perspective on things and move on.

The Apostles could have experienced the Spirit but then gone back to fishing and all the trappings of their daily lives. Fortunately, they did not, as the power of the Holy Spirit filled them with the passion to go out to all the world. Do we take the time to realize all the gifts and blessings we possess? Are we willing to make the changes necessary to see growth in our personal, family, and spiritual lives? As things continue to change with the pandemic and all that is happening in the world, will I stick to the reruns, or look to the new season of change? The choice is up to all of us; the remote control is in our hands.

Have a great week and as things continue, I hope to see and be with you in the new season.

Till next week, happy watching!

Sister Theresita


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