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Gospel reflection: May 17, 2020 – 6th Sunday of Easter

May 16, 2020

JN 14:15-21

Jesus promises to send us an advocate after he leaves this earth. An advocate means– “one who aids.” Jesus knows our human nature and tells us that He will not leave us orphans. He knows that we need encouragement, guidance and support as we go through life’s ups and downs, for we can easily get lost along the way. But, as long as we acknowledge the Father and Son and the love They have for us, the Advocate will be with us.

As the Advocate supports and comforts us during difficult times and in good times, also, we can learn from this and share the fruits of these encounters with others. This is most evident during these challenging times as we deal with this pandemic. We see the support and the acting on another’s behalf as doctors and nurses do all that they can to make someone well. We see it in business owners as they step up to meet an unmet need. There are many more examples of Advocacy around us. This is the Spirit working in and through all of this.

In our daily prayers, do we acknowledge that the Father and Son are one and that they love us very much? Do we thank the Spirit, our Advocate, for guiding us and giving us strength when needed? Have I shared the fruits of this support with others? If not, how can I start to share the love God has for us?

Sister Rebecca Sullivan, CSFN

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