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Gospel Reflection: Sept. 5, 2021 - 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 5, 2021

Mark 7:31-37

Physical deafness can isolate a person from others and the world around them. In Mark’s account of the healing of the deaf-mute, the man’s friends performed an act of service in bringing him to Jesus for healing. Although Jesus could have simply healed through words, He chose to touch the deaf-mute.

Just as Jesus healed lepers through human touch, the deaf-mute was freed of his infirmity through Jesus’ healing touch. This miracle opened a new world for the deaf-mute, enabling him not only to hear sounds but to hear God’s voice.

More tragic than physical deafness is spiritual deafness. Daily worries and anxiety can prevent us from hearing God’s voice. Keeping our spiritual ears open is an ongoing process that is facilitated through prayer, spiritual reading, Reconciliation, and reception of the Eucharist. How is your (spiritual) hearing today?

Sister Marcella Louise Wallowicz, CSFN

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