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Wednesday Reflection: August 25, 2021

August 25, 2021

Dear Friends,

I am writing this while on my last day of vacation and wondering what words I can share with you. As I listened to a friend’s homily, I realized that I could share my thoughts on the reading of Joshua with you. I also came across a story in the book I was reading by Edward Hayes, called “The Magic Lantern”. I now have to see if I can weave the two together!

This past Sunday’s reading from Joshua speaks of him asking the Israelites: whom do they wish to serve? The gods your fathers served, or the gods of the Amorites? As we approach September it has always meant for me a time of new beginning, kind of like the New Year. So the last days of August offer some time for all of us to think: who do I wish to serve this year?

Although the question is easy, the answer may hold some reservations. Who do I really serve? Is it myself, family, money, job, addictions? What is important in my life? Does God take first place? I don’t have the answers, just more questions, but they are worth reflecting on! Who do you wish to serve? As for me, I will try to continue to serve the Lord. Of course, not, perfectly but I’ll keep on trying!

Now the story from “The Magic Lantern”. It speaks of the purification of Mary after the birth of Jesus. In the story, our main character, George, is attending a Mass and part of the celebration includes a ritual of purification. What really struck me was the prayer said while the hands were being purified: “Be purified of all that eclipses the Light in your heart”. And as the hands were dried with a hair dryer, the person prayed “May the hot Wind of the Spirit of God send you forth”. Perhaps a little corny, but it struck a chord with me. If I am to continue to serve the Lord then my prayer perhaps needs to be “Purify all that eclipses the Light in my heart and be sent forth by the Wind of the Spirit of God”!

So again who do you wish to serve? For me and those around me, I pray to continue to serve the Lord. Wishing you a week of wonderful and faithful reflection.

Till next week,

Sr. Theresita

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