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Wednesday Reflection: March 31, 2021

March 31, 2021

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite flowers is the crocus. Why? Well, it sticks its neck (flower) out even though the world may not be ready for it! It makes me think of Jesus and how he always took the risk so that he could heal, teach, serve, and be compassionate.

And so Thursday we enter the holiest of our days, the Triduum. During these days following Palm Sunday, Jesus continues to put himself out there. With Holy Thursday and the institution of the Eucharist, Jesus promises to be with us always. He also teaches us how to serve others and the importance of humility; this is also the night when Jesus teaches us how to deal with betrayal. So much to learn and be challenged by! Place yourself in those Holy Thursday scenes and speak to Jesus regarding, servant leadership, compassion, betrayal, and the Eucharist.

Friday sees Jesus as a model of doing what is His Father’s will. Through trial and torture, betrayal and suffering, Jesus remains silent and only speaks when it is truly necessary. Can you picture yourself there when the Hosannas turned to ‘crucify him’? What feelings are stirred up within you? And then, as you meet him on the way to Calvary and stand beneath the cross with His mother, what thoughts are running through your mind, and what feelings are in your heart? There is definitely a sadness that fills that whole day. It seems as if all is lost. Have you experienced those times when all seems lost? How do you deal with them?

Holy Saturday is a time of waiting. We know that Jesus will rise on the third day, but while all this was happening, Mary, the Apostles, and Jesus’ disciples are all waiting to see what will happen next. Waiting… such a hard thing to do! I am sure you have experienced many a waiting time and were not sure what the next day would bring. Stay here, remember that sense, and then place yourself amongst the Apostles.

Easter Sunday, Alleluia! We get to chant the word again joyfully! The surprise, wonder, and awe that greets Mary as she goes to the tomb; then, when she meets Jesus, all that excitement and joy! You can almost feel the electricity in the air. Remember that Mary did not recognize Jesus at first, she needed to open her eyes and see Him standing before her. What joy, what delight when she recognizes Him. He says to her as Jesus says to us “Will you live for me?”

That question can involve much risk. It is like the crocus that sticks its neck out even though there may still be snow on the ground. What would you say to Jesus on this Easter Morn when He asks “will you live for me?” And how?


Till next week, Have a blessed Easter!

Sister Theresita  

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