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Wednesday Reflection: November 3, 2021

November 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

With all the different ministries I have been involved in there is one truth that remains the same: watch out when you see me coming! Why? Well, some have been known to say “hold on to your wallet, or don’t give her your phone number or tell her where you live, you’ll wind up volunteering”! I guess worse things could be said. It is true that if I see a need, I will try and find someone who can help fulfill that need, although I may fall short at times.

I say this as we have just finished the feast of All Saint and All Souls, people who we have come to know and those whom we have loved much. They have touched our lives and changed us. They have been examples to us. Sadly, in today’s world, we need the reminder of those selfless and self-sacrificing people.  Are we becoming a selfish people? Although some good things have happened because of the pandemic, I sense a kind of selfishness out there. Perhaps you may not have experienced it, but it is out there.

Unlike the Saints and our beloved loved ones who were models of giving and self-sacrifice, we may not be living it that state of constant giving and serving. By being selfish, I don’t mean we don’t give money to a specific need, but we can be selfish with our time and talents as well as with our treasure. As the jingle goes “You deserve a break today.” Somehow, we may have started to think of the ‘me’ ‘instead of the ‘us’. Perhaps we have forgotten the vision of the common good.

Unless we can look beyond ourselves and our own interests, it will be impossible to create healthy communities. This week’s scriptures teach us to love God with our whole mind, heart, and soul, and our neighbors as our self. Do we? Like the Saints, we are on a conversion journey and may struggle daily but we need reminders why we are here. Isn’t it to make the world a better place? How do I do that? Am I only concerned on what is good for ME? Am I willing to spend some time with a person who is struggling or find time to volunteer for a specific program or need in my family, church, neighborhood? What about changing from ‘what is in it for me?’ to ‘how can this help the we?’!

I think the world can become a better place if we can remember whose we are and how we can best serve the common good. Perhaps I am out of line, but I do think we need to remind each other that this world is made not just for the me, that we all need to share in its richness and help to make that possible for all. Yes, they may say of you, ‘oh no, here they come! Look out, you may be asked to do something!’

All that said, my prayer is that this week you can look at whose you are, and how your share the richness of your life with others. Remember ‘richness’ doesn’t always mean money, there is a lot more of ourselves that we can share. 

Have a great week,

Sister Theresita

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