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Wednesday Reflection: December 21, 2022

December 21, 2022

Dear Friends,

Can you believe it? We are headed into the home stretch, the fourth week of Advent! We have been on a pilgrimage to the birth of the Messiah, Jesus. On our journey, many lessons and opportunities have presented themselves. Let us reflect back on these past three weeks.

On our pilgrimage, we were advised to see Advent with new eyes, and John the Baptist with new eyes. John has taught us the difference between urgent and important. About where we are in life, and how it can show us what God is doing in our life. Always knowing that He is with us, at all times. Listening and waiting have also been important virtues we have been asked to practice. As a reminder, reflect back on Sr. Josephine’s Litany of Waiting that I’ve shared with you previously. Where do we go from here?

As we get closer to Christmas, take a moment to recall what you really wanted from God this Advent. What is it that would bring transformation to your life? Do not hesitate to ask; God is waiting for the ask! There are so many blessings that we have not asked for or we have not been open to receive. Our God is a Generous God.

Soon, it will be Christmas. Ah, the smell of sweet hay and the glow of a warm stable; silent was the night… NOT! That only happens in the movies and on Christmas cards. Unless the Innkeeper had lots of help, my guess is that the stable was a mess – it was the last place he was worried about!

Realistically, Mary and Joseph had just traveled two weeks in order to get to Bethlehem. I’m guessing there wasn’t a lot of clean hay, the animals were pretty noisy, especially now that their space was being encroached upon. The drummer boy may have played a little too loudly, but at least there was shelter. Life is messy and very unpredictable; Mary and Joseph lived it. Yet what kept them faithful, full of hope, was their deep connection with God. Each night of their journey, Joseph prayed the psalms, lulling a likely exhausted Mary to sleep. They both knew that with God, all things are possible.

What about us? Is our image of Christmas as pristine as a Christmas card? Does the day go off without a hitch? I must say that even holidays in the convent can have unexpectant turns of events! What about in families? Life is messy, and so is holiness. “It’s not perfection, but progress” that God desires. Even when we are stuck in a moment, God loves us. This Christmas, let God create the scene; after all, He did a good job on the first one. God became flesh and dwells among us.

Not sure when you will be reading this but whenever you do, take the time you need to see how God is working in your ‘messy’ life and sing GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO! Reflect on how you were able to prepare spiritually for this blessed event. Be hope filled as with God ALL things are possible, even our trying to reach holiness through a messy path.

Make room in the INN of your heart, because you are the only one who can welcome Jesus IN!

Merry Christmas!

Till NEXT Year,

Sister T


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