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Gospel Reflection: Nov. 17 – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 16, 2019

LK 21:5-19

Over the years, how many times have we seen someone step into the public to say that the end is near? They read “the signs of the times”. They point to wars and famine, nations trying to outdo one another, and even natural disasters. People become fearful when they see these things pointed out, so they gather together with others who are like-minded. They start to prepare themselves for the ending of the world. There is a date in mind and when that date comes and goes, then what? Often they have sold everything they have and quit their job. They have nothing. What do they do now? Do they wait for the next person to come along? How do they pick up and move on?

In today’s gospel, Jesus tries to prepare those who are listening to him speak. He says that there will be people who will come along and tell anyone who will listen that the end is near; that those who believe in Jesus will be persecuted for having faith in his message. But if they persevere till the end they will secure their life.

What do you think about all the people who come along and say that the end is near, get ready? Do you laugh at them? Do you dismiss them as crazy people? Or do you find a kernel of truth in what they are saying? Is this a wake-up call for you? Does it cause you to stop and ponder the message of Jesus, knowing that we need to be always prepared for the end time? We can live, not in a fearful manner, but in the peace and joy of knowing that we have served and followed the calling of Jesus.

Sister Rebecca Sullivan, CSFN

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