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Wednesday Reflection: August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021

Dear Friends,

As I sit to write this, the sun is shining. It came out after a very rainy and dreary day. Reminds me of the song “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”! August is winding its way to an end and while on vacation I thought I would take one more look at the beauties of this season. Presently I am able to see the big, beautiful ocean before me and miles of seashore. The sight and sounds are amazing!

During the quiet time and prayer, I came across this quote, “Beauty, like God, Abounds. It is not where you look but how.” (Taken from a photograph at the Carmelite Spiritual Center in Darien, IL)

It made me realize that there is beauty all around us, whether it be scenery, plants, animals, and people, and it is how we look at them that makes all the difference in the world. The trees and mountains as well as all the flat land just shone with God’s glory. Even road construction can help us to focus on the beautiful sky and clouds.

On another level the quote helped me wonder about how I look at different situations, people, and life in general: “…it is not where you look but how.” There is so much food for thought. How do I look at difficulties? Do I let them get me down?

It can be hard to remember when I am in the heat of a disagreement that God is nearby. How simple, loving, and peaceful our life and the lives of those around us could be! Another story comes to mind.  A King put out a decree asking for artists to paint the most peaceful scene they could. As you can imagine they came up with the most serene sites. And yet the winning picture was a mother bird, whose nest was in a crevice of a mountain, feeding her young during a thunderstorm. Calm and peace in the midst of Chaos. Beauty and peace abound!

This week can you look and see that which abounds before you, no matter what it is? Take the time to see how you deal with the bounty. It will come in all sizes and shapes. HOW do I respond, not react?  I guarantee and know for me this will be a challenge, but what a difference it can make in our life and the life of others. Know for sure the Son will come out tomorrow and be with us on our journey.

Till next week,

Sister Theresita


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