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Ablaze for Peace on Earth

December 13, 2021

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Each day in our society, catastrophic messages bombard our lives through social media:

  • Ordinary citizens live in terror of a possible carjacking or a shooting on a highway.
  • Parents leave their children off at school not knowing what may occur during the day.
  • Minority groups at many levels meet with rejection for being who they are.
  • Immigrants encounter brutality verbally, physically and emotionally on a regular basis.
  • University students consider suicide as a remedy to problems they face.
  • Family members suddenly find themselves alone when a loved one leaves abruptly without trying to forgive or to seek help.
  • Children and adults go to bed hungry and cold.
  • The elderly know nothing but painful isolation.

The list could go on and on.

Simultaneously, government leaders throughout the world strive to develop programs for each of these and many other ills our nations encounter:

  • Businesses unite their efforts for unity of purpose.
  • School Systems seek harmony in day-to-day living.
  • Neighborhoods plan activities and marches for peace.

All initiatives raise our awareness but I believe there is a better solution and it is simple. I would venture to say that we as citizens of a free country can inspire others and begin to revitalize peace and hope in our times.

If all of us, regardless of the religion we profess, would come together to pray and reflect on our lives, we would achieve inner peace and be able to transmit harmony and reconciliation, making our world a better place to live.

Let’s open the door again to the Father who sent His Son into the world; and if we already have opened that door, let’s open it wider to include the violence and cacophony that troubles our hearts and souls and leaves families devastated as a result of aggression, hostility, and cruelty. Let the door to our hearts be opened first so that solutions begin with each one of us and penetrate the thoughts and dreams of those closest to us. Slowly our internal biases would emerge along with our inner strength to recognize those nuggets of prejudice and find solutions within our corners of the world. Gradually our dependence on our Creator will help restore Creation, given to us as gift to be cared for, nurtured and shared.

Once each of us responds to the Fire Within,

  • Relationships will change.
  • Our attitudes toward others will open doors through which we’ve never walked.
  • New life will surface in families, the heart of every society.

We know that leaders play a special role in any venture and this is no exception;

  • Parents lead their children.
  • Pastors unite their congregations.
  • Principals and directors of educational institutions set the tone for their faculties and staffs, who in turn, lead their students. The students then carry the message in their hearts and energize their families.
  • Presidents of companies set the precedent.
  • Supervisors motivate their employees.
  • Student Councils, Scout Leaders, and heads of all organizations and societies serve as catalysts to call on their peers.

Once this process ignites, all surrounding communities spark interest and we will be ablaze for the cause.  Social media could further the mission easily; and news reporters could maintain the momentum.

I challenge myself and everyone else who reads this to unite in mind and spirit and consciously ask our Father and Creator for inspiration, strength and perseverance so that every human being can live in a more peaceful environment and the children after us can grow up in harmony. It would just take our inner motivation and one conversation with a leader to take the first step and all of us to utilize our talents to make new efforts for peace on earth.

Sister Mary Ellen Gemmell, CSFN

December 1, 2021


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