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Gospel reflection: May 21, 2023 – the 7th Sunday of Easter

May 20, 2023

Jn 17:1-11a

I wonder how Jesus gave glory to the Father and how knowing the Father brings eternal life. It seems to me that Jesus is somehow the center of sharing God’s glory on earth by showing us the face of God, the face of a loving Father who loves us and the world so much that Jesus came to dwell among us. And we see that Jesus shares this love in so many simple ways, like fixing his disciples some fish or inviting them to a meal of Thanksgiving.

As I ponder Jesus sharing the words of the Father, words that brought life and love, I recall a young man who jumped from his seat in a restaurant to open the doors for the two of us leaving the restaurant. He made us smile, and so we acknowledged his gestures of love. Or the sensitivity and respect of a person helping a participant during a meeting adjust the microphone as he refused to walk in front of the speaker and chose to walk around the back of the room. Or the principal who acknowledges the gifts of one of her teachers and encourages her to apply for a job as a principal. Simple actions that remind us that the Kingdom of God’s love dwells within our hearts and the hearts of all we meet. May we give glory to God wherever we find ourselves today in the simple and the ordinary.

Sister Maria Kruszewski, CSFN

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