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Gospel reflection: Sept. 22, 2019 - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 21, 2019

LK 16:1-13

What implications does today’s Gospel have for us? Do we judge the steward as being dishonest, clever or greedy?  Like the master in the parable, God has entrusted us with many gifts and talents. We have minds for thinking and learning, hands for work and play, family and friends to love and enjoy. The question is how do we use them?

We can choose to use them for our own selfish gain or to build the Kingdom of God by serving and caring for others. Jesus complements the steward in his cleverness, in that he shared his profits with others. Although his intention was looking out for his own good, others were helped.

Daily we can be wise stewards and use our gifts to help the poor and less fortunate. As Jesus says if we are not trustworthy with the gifts we have, how can we be trustworthy with recognizing the gifts of others? We have the choice to choose the path, to tear down or build up the world around us.

Sister Rose Marie O’Barski, CSFN

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