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Gospel Reflection: August 25, 2019 – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 24, 2019

LK 13:22-30

“…For behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last…” (Luke 13: 30)

Jesus is often asked the question of how one can be saved and how many will be saved in the end. He, the Master Teacher, explains that his followers should “strive” for the heavenly prize in every moment of their daily living. Very similar to athletes who dedicate much time and effort to their training, salvation requires that the Christians strive to commit themselves to the Gospel values that Jesus exemplifies. One must practice the Gospel values in each situation he/she encounters. A mediocre commitment does not suffice when it comes to true Gospel living. Much time, effort and dedication of one’s will must be given to living out ones Baptismal commitment and vows. Each Christian must discern the path that the Lord points out; and all of us are asked to obey His call to go forth from our own area of comfort, in order to reach all the needs of Jesus’ Kingdom. There are many people who are not equal in opportunities, physical gifts, talents, etc… in our world. The duty and call of the Christian is to reach out sincerely to help each person placed in his/her path. The Holy Spirit guides you/us in being in the right place at the right time to spread God’s Kingdom of love and peace. You/we may be the “one person” or “persons” to MAKE A DIFFERENCE just as Jesus did and does each moment of the day.

Sister Diane Marie Corrado, CSFN

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