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Scripture reflection: Dec. 8, 2019 - 2nd Sunday of Advent

December 7, 2019

IS 11:1-10
MT 3:1-12

The second Sunday of Advent is already here. Time is passing quickly and we tend to get caught up in the frenzy of all we have to accomplish in the remaining two weeks. We long for some peaceful and quiet times. Today Isaiah speaks about a time of peace where the wolf will be the guest of the lamb, a calf grazing with a lion, no harm or ruin on the mountain.

But then John the Baptist appears – shakes us up with his cry for repentance. So where do we stand in all of this? Maybe John’s message can wake us up to the fact that sometimes we are the cause of our restlessness. We become complacent in our faith, maybe our priorities need to be realigned, or we focus more on the material rather than the spiritual.

Let’s sit with John’s words and ready ourselves for the “one who is coming” and we will find peace and harmony. Advent is all about giving ourselves permission to hope and long for a world of peace….a peace that only the “Prince of Peace” brings to our hearts.

Sister Rose Marie O’Barski, CSFN

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