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Oct. 21: Wednesday Reflection

October 21, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s pumpkin season! And how do I know? Well, if you live out on the East of Long Island, the LONG lines of traffic coming from the city going to the farms is outrageous! Locals stay home this time of year, as it can at times be impossible to get out of your driveway. So, instead of picking on Covid this week, I thought I’d pick-a-pumpkin!

There is a prayer that resurfaces on the internet during this time of year, and I always look forward to it as a reminder. It speaks of how a Christian is like a pumpkin. I don’t know who wrote it, but I find the concept inspiring. You can keep these thoughts before you in prayer or better still while you are carving a pumpkin or creating a Christian!

The first thing you do is pick out a pumpkin from the patch or the store. Jesus has picked you to be his very own and you are special. You take the pumpkin home and clean it off, remembering that your sins have been washed away through baptism. It is then that you begin to form your original pumpkin carving (or Christian).

To get to the inside, the top of the pumpkin needs to be cut off. This is like opening your mind so you can learn more about God’s ways. Today, I just happened to be learning how to recognize the messages of hope that come when I am in need. What do you want or need to learn about God?

Now the fun part, you get to scoop out the insides consisting of seeds and some pumpkin mush! As Christians, we need to clean out those seeds of betrayal, disappointment, greed, anger, jealousy, hatred, and doubt. It isn’t the easiest part and can be messy, but so is life.

Ah, the carving begins – first, the eyes. As Christians, it is so vital to learn how to see with the eyes of God. This is a tall order, but not impossible. Practice makes perfect and I am sure I’m not the only one who needs practice. Do we see people as they can be, or do we judge? Can we see with the eyes of love despite challenges? The nose is next. Do we appreciate that which God has given us? Are we grateful? Or, do we put our noses up at what has been given and desire more or better?

The pumpkins mouth is next. This can be a real challenge in so many ways. Does what we say speak love? Do our words bring people closer to God or send them running? Can we be silent when opinions may differ radically? Does the mouth bear a smile that speaks of God’s love? Does it share God’s joy?

Ears, these can be difficult to carve and to function. Do we hear only what we want to hear and block out all other things? Do we listen to people or are we preparing our answer for when someone finishes speaking? It is at times hard to hear/listen to things we don’t want to hear, even when it is the truth.

All the above is a lot of work but worth it for when the candle is placed inside. No matter what the pumpkin looks like, it is part of God’s creation with your help. The light will shine forth and permeate the space, sharing its glow of God’s creation, love, and wisdom. Strive to be that light of God inside the pumpkin, helping the light shine inside all Christians. 

Till next week,
Sister Theresita

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