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Gospel Reflection: May 31, 2020 – Pentecost

May 30, 2020

JN 20:19-23

Tomorrow we celebrate the Birthday of the Church, a special day for all Christians. The Apostles on that first Pentecost were hidden, locked in fear and anxiety, until suddenly a gust of wind filled the room and tongues of fire appeared above each of them. The Apostles were filled with wisdom, courage, and immediately began to share the Good News.

In these days of “staying in place” we too experience fear and uncertainty. We are unable to receive the Sacraments, we cannot visit others, many are unemployed, are anxious about their health as well as providing for their families. At a time like this, we turn to our Faith, knowing that Jesus promised to be with us. Today we can remember that promise and place our trust in God. We know that in Baptism, like the Apostles we received the same Gifts of the Holy Spirit. That same flame and breath is ours. We were filled with His wisdom, love and courage. We can like the Apostles go out and become witnesses for Christ. It can be as simple as a prayer whispered, a phone call or a card sent to a friend or neighbor, being patient and understanding. We can become that ray of hope for others; an example of trusting the Spirit – knowing that all will be well.

Sister Rose Marie O’Barski, CSFN

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