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Feb. 5: Wednesday Reflection

February 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

In this Sunday’s readings Jesus is calling us in 2020 to be “Salt for the Earth and Light for the World.” Today we may take these conveniences for granted, but in Jesus’ time salt and light were very important. In 2020, we need to know how to continue to be salt for the earth and light for the world, as we can become very comfortable in our spiritual life situation.

So how do we continue to be salt for the earth and light for the world? Well, Lent is almost upon us. This is a great time to spice up our spiritual lives and light the path to a renewed spirit.

People are already planning how they will be spending Mardi Gras, the last hurrah before Lent. So, it is never too early to think of how you will spend your Lenten time. All of us are aware that the three pillars of Lent are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Looking at those pillars, what can you focus on that will move you to being salt for the earth and light for the world?

I am sure like so many parishes, your place of worship will be offering something special for your prayer life. Check it out and participate to the best of your ability. As for fasting, I am sure you appreciate that it is more than giving up chocolate! Can you fast from complaining, being judgmental, gossiping, holding on to grudges, or forgetting to notify your face that you have been redeemed? Oh, and there are so many more things and attitudes to fast from. Almsgiving, giving as a work of justice and charity, is like giving from pure generosity and not simply from a desire to give something. There is a difference. Think about it! A student once said to me on a trip to Haiti that most of us give out of our abundance and not out of our need. (I would love to see where he is now that he has grown older.)

So, check your schedules, your parish opportunities, local opportunities, reading materials, and worthy causes. There is a lot out there that can help us celebrate Lent in a rich manner. My prayer is that your efforts will help you celebrate Lent with a different “flavor” and “glow” (my small attempt at a joke).

Till next week,
Sister Theresita

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