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Scripture Reflection: July 26, 2020 - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 25, 2020

1 KGS 3:5, 7-12

If we could ask God for anything, what would we ask for? Younger people may want a new toy, a new computer game and older people might want a better car, a better job, etc…

Are these items really what God wants for us? Someone who is really wise knows not to implore God for money, power or riches.

Solomon sees God in a dream and then asks for an understanding heart. This request is so appropriate for the world of today. Each of us might ask for that same wonderful gift! With the social issues of injustice, prejudice, discrimination and crimes of hate so much in the forefront of our lives, wouldn’t an understanding heart be the correct antidote?

A wise person values truth, goodness, kindness and love. Wisdom enables someone to listen attentively and with compassion to others. The practice of wisdom brings God’s Kingdom to birth and keeps it alive in this world.

Let us pray this day and all days to come for the precious gift of God’s wisdom. Enlighten us Lord of all Creation with the gift of your own heart so that we may see things as you see them and act accordingly!

Sister Diane Marie Corrado, CSFN

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