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Sr. Antonina and her children's stories

August 26, 2022

Since childhood, Sr. Antonina Gadacz has always enjoyed art. “It came easy to me,” she explained. “I always had an imagination and was creative in how I did things.” That youthful creativity is still with her today, and it has led her to produce several beautiful children’s books, each with the aim of “[sending] a message to each child, to each person who reads them that they are a gift, and that God is actively present in their daily life… We just have to learn to stop and recognize Him”.

In an effort to see Sr. Antonina’s wonderful stories reach far beyond the pages of a book, video presentations of each story will be produced of each one, beginning with How the Belly Button Bounced Away, the sweet and comical story of a hippo losing his bellybutton. We’re so happy to share with you the first in this series, written and illustrated by Sr. Antonina and voiced by several of her students.


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