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Wednesday Reflection: August 31, 2022

August 31, 2022

Dear Friends,

Although I hate to see August end, I get excited about the possibilities and adventures that September holds. For me, it is like a second New Year celebration. It a time of starting again and perhaps getting back into a more regular routine. I am hoping that during the summer there was time to reflect and develop your relationship with God, yourself, and others!

This year, I once again have the privilege of offering a presentation to the teachers at their faculty meeting. It called to mind a piece written by Joyce Rupp calling us Instruments of God. In an attempt to work smarter, not harder, I thought I would share some of the ideas I will share with them – “two birds with one stone”, if you will!

Imagine yourself as an instrument, perhaps a flute; God needs to play His song through you.

Like a flute, we need to be carved and cut out, and this can be painful. This ‘hollowing out’ to allow God’s song to be heard comes to each one of us in different ways. Perhaps we are dealing with a health issue, and need to accept where we are. Work situations may not always be the best, or there may be family issues. Emptying ourselves from all of these experiences help us become more open for the song of God to come through us. As Joyce Rupp stated, “the hollowing out experiences call for faith. We need to trust that God will be with us, making us capable instruments of God”.

Joyce goes on to say: “I become an instrument of God when I let go of my own need to have everything go well, or to avoid failure, or to please others, or to simply make more money. I become God’s song when I open up and trust that God’s energy moving through me will create goodness and harmony through who and how I am.”

Are you ready to become and Instrument of God, allowing His song to be played through you?

If you are that flute, God with be the breath the sends the melody out to all you meet. Think about it: where are you in the hollowing out process? What needs some work? It’s a new start and there are so many adventures, possibilities, and songs! Remember God is always breathing strength and goodness into our lives, filling us with hope and courage.

Till next week,

Sister Theresita

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