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Gospel Reflection: June 14, 2020 - Solemnity of the Body and Blood

June 13, 2020

JN 6:51-58

Today the Church celebrates a glorious feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus. In some cultures, the priest carries the Eucharist through the streets while the faithful profess singing songs of Praise. It is fitting that we remember from the Old Testament reading in Deuteronomy that our faithful God fed the people with manna. God is ever faithful. Are we?

The Gospel of John assures us that our faith must be a new faith: believing in the mighty power of our God. “Whoever eats this bread and drinks this cup, will be raised up on the last day.” Jesus has come down from Heaven and is now the sacramental Presence in the Eucharist. We give thanks to God for His wisdom, giving life to all who believe.

Sister Mary Jane Hahner, CSFN

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