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Wednesday Reflection: April 19, 2023

April 19, 2023

Dear Friends,

I just love this:

The Church is empty but so was the tomb! God is making house calls!

I was looking for a way to continue my conversation regarding being a witness, remembering that God has not placed us on the witness protection program, and this came across my desk. God is so good to me when I need to get started!

I also must add to that a quote that Fr. Adam used during a recent retreat. He said as we all know the advertising slogan “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”; well, that doesn’t go for our being at Mass! What happens there doesn’t stay there, it goes out the EXIT sign and then out into the world to reach others. It helps us to live our lives and be witnesses.

All of these catchy sayings are really different ways of letting each of us know that we truly need to boldly witness our faith and who we are in a world that is in need of healing. Jesus brought the Good News and taught it to the Apostles and early Disciples; are we witnesses to the Good News that Jesus brought? How do we bring the Good News to others?

In today’s world, there are many ways we can be witnesses to the message of Jesus.

One of the first things Jesus taught was respect for each individual. When others were ready to condemn Jesus offered forgiveness and a kind word. You know the stories. Review them if need be but this is an important message:

Do I respect our planet Earth?

Do I take seriously recycling and waste laws?

What about a kind word or smile to someone who may be troubled or in need?

How about forgiving someone who has hurt you -- bless them instead of cursing them! And for a person that is alone and may need some companionship, a letter or call or visit could carry the good news. How can we build up our local parish community? Volunteering for something I am able to do fits the bill.

None of these actions cost us a thing! What it can cost perhaps is a change of attitude, of heart and mind. The real cost is moving from a place of comfort and perhaps, dare I say, a stagnant place? The water in a stream stays fresh by moving; perhaps it must flow over obstacles and create a new path, but the water is still worthy of drinking and supporting life.

During this Easter season, spend some time seeing how you can be a true witness of Jesus’ Good News. Then go out and be that Good News! Leave the church and make some house calls. We are, after all, made in God’s image and likeness.

God’s blessings in your journeys.

Till next week,

Sister Theresita

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