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Sept. 25: Wednesday Reflection

September 25, 2019

Dear Friends,

God is so good… The other day while driving to work I was in the middle of wondering what I was going to write about this week and before me lay a decision. Which of the two roads would I take to work? That is one of the advantages of a 40-minute commute – I get time to think and pray.

The decision came quickly, and I continued on my way. But why did I choose this route instead of that route? Well, the route I chose was the more scenic of the two with less traffic, stoplights, and people whizzing by rushing to who knows where. Although the road I chose was a little longer, there was a beauty, peace, and quiet that filled the distance. Nothing wrong with the other road, but not the right choice for the day, I thought. Why this route? Well, it afforded me a challenging yet wonder-filled ride. There were lots of curves and turns so I needed to be aware as I made my journey forward.

This is the story of our faith lives, too. We can enjoy the beauty of our faith with all the curves and turns, taking our time to develop a beautiful relationship with our God. Or we can take the faster road with all its challenges and find our own way. The choice is up to each of us. I think what is most important is that we take the journey, make the choices, and be aware of what lies before us. In all of this, it is important to realize that when we make a choice, we also need to take responsibility for our actions. If I take the slow road, I may be stuck behind a school bus; however, the fast road may put me in the midst of some crazy drivers. I must accept responsibility for my choices with no complaining or blaming, just enjoying the ride.

Our spiritual journey is ours to claim. Enjoy your journey! There is always a reason for all things; it’s part of the bigger plan. Remember, God’s timing is usually not ours. So, take your journey, make your choices, take responsibility, remain positive, and enjoy! Life is too short to complain, be negative, or worry. Which route will you take this week?

Till next week,
Sister Theresita

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