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Wednesday Reflection: May 24, 2023

May 24, 2023

Dear Friends,

Ah, Ordinary Time… nothing like it! I just wonder if such a thing truly exists outside of the Church Calendar. It certainly wasn’t an ordinary day on the Feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down on the Apostles. There have been some pretty exciting representations of the happening in film and art!

The Holy Spirit came down to the Apostles carrying a power, a might force. Sometimes I think we misinterpret the word power. In this case, it was an inner power. The fear that had captured the Apostles and Disciples finally left them and allowed them to go out to all the world and spread the good news of Jesus!

The power we receive from the Spirit helps us to lift others up and not put them down. It should not give us a sense of lording over the other person. How many times have I used the creative power, the incredible energies, given me by the Spirit to put people down? The temptation is there. Can I use the power given me to make people feel good about themselves and who they are?

I’ve mentioned the phrase “Your Ego is NOT your Amigo” once or twice before. I think that on occasion, we really believe it is. Check out your personal power and energies and see where you stand in building up the kingdom of God where you are.

This is going to make this week’s reflection a little longer, but I want to share with you the Energies of the Spirit as written by Joyce Rupp in her book May I Have This Dance?: An Invitation to Faithful Prayer Throughout the Year. I hope they can bring you to a prayerful place.

  • When anxiety and concern take over our spirit, when restlessness or boredom holds sway over us, when our world cries out in distress and turmoil… Spirit of God, deepen in us the energy of your PEACE!
  • When we come face to face with the challenge of self-giving, when we are asked to go the extra mile, to take the risk of reaching out to another, to offer forgiveness to the heart that rejects us... Spirit of God, fill us with the energy of your LOVE!
  • When our world seems bleak, when we walk with sadness written on our soul, when we have days in which everything goes wrong... Spirit of God, stir the energy of your JOY within us!
  • On those days when we hurry too much, during those times when our anger flares because our agendas aren’t met, when we stop giving people our understanding and acceptance ... Spirit of God, draw us toward the energy of your PATIENCE!
  • When someone needs a simple gesture of thoughtfulness, when a look of love is all another asks from us, when a good word could take a sting out of the gossip foes... Spirit of God, create in us the energy of your KINDNESS!
  • As we face the shadow of our inner world or peer into the darkness of our outer world, as we struggle to believe in our own gifts and blessings... Spirit of God, strengthen in us the energy of your GOODNESS!
  • In those difficult times when fear threatens to drown our trust in you, during those experiences of growth when we are tempted to doubt all the ways we have known you... Spirit of God, renew in us the energy of TRUSTING in you!
  • When harshness or abruptness dominates our moods, when we feel challenged by the power of another, when we use things of this good earth... Spirit of God, bless us with the energy of your GENTLENESS!

May your week be filled with inner power reaching out to those you meet.

Till next week,

Sister Theresita


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