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Wednesday Reflection: April 27, 2022

April 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we continue in the Easter Season, don’t you just love the stories of where and when Jesus appears to people? I think this is one of my favorite times for the readings at Mass. The reading this past week, which was about St. Thomas, gave me lots of thoughts both from homilies shared and discussions had. Let me share two encounters I had with the Word and friends.

Everyone knows the term “Doubting Thomas” and the connotations it holds. But did you ever stop to think about what you have been doubting? Thomas had a good reason for doubting that his friends saw Jesus. A friend shared with me that the homily she heard challenged the people in the pews to take time to reflect on what was bringing doubt into their lives.

Do you doubt your gifts and talents given you by God?

Do you doubt that you are living a life worthy of the calling of being a Catholic Christian?

Do you doubt the relationships you are in, and if people really love you for who you are?

Do you doubt that God loves you no matter what?

There is a lot of doubting going on out there; where do I find myself? I could go on and on with the questions, but I am sure you can come up with your own if you listen to your heart.

Our Deacon shared with us this weekend a perspective about doubting Thomas that I had never really considered. He said that Thomas had reason to be doubtful; those days after the crucifixion were frightening. To believe Jesus was alive, Thomas thought he needed see His wounds. All of this is familiar to us, but Deacon John shared something that really got me thinking.

If I was speaking of Jesus today and wanted someone to believe that Jesus was real in my life, and that I believed in Him, would I be able to show them my scars?

Deacon John called it the Thomas Test. Could I live up to it, and would I pass it? Would I be living in such a way that others would recognize Jesus alive in me, bearing the scars of living a faith-filled life? Being faith-filled is challenging, and it certainly produces scars of faithfulness.

Doubting and scars: two different ways to look at Thomas, and at myself.

What challenges you? What causes you to STOP and reflect?

Take some time this week to see if you pass the Thomas Test, or perhaps what doubts you may still have. You will be in good company; Thomas will be right there with you!

Blessings, till next week,

Sister Theresita 


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