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May 27: Wednesday Reflection

May 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

Wow, I am into my eleventh week of sheltering in place. For an extrovert, that is like a lifetime! As an extrovert, I need to gather my energy from people and I have nearly drained the introverts in my home. (They are still smiling and talking to me.) What can I do? How can I rejuvenate my energy? I know! I can celebrate a big birthday party. Whose you say? Why the Church’s, of course -- a virtual party, celebrating with my parish community via the internet. Joyce Rupp, in her book May I Have This Dance celebrates the feast of Pentecost using the “Energies of the Spirit.” Inspired by her book, I would like to share with you how those energies are helping me restore my energy. It is all a gift.

Come Holy Spirit, when I start to get bored with this sheltering in place, can I take a breath and count my blessings and look at all the good that is happening during this stressful time? (What can you do?)

“Spirit of God, deepen in me/us the energy of your PEACE.”

Come Holy Spirit, when I get tired of being the one to call first, or risk sharing a new idea, or forgive someone who has hurt me, I need to remember the scene of Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles and continue to serve without complaining. (What about you?)

“Spirit of God, fill me/us with the energy of your LOVE.”

Come Holy Spirit, when every project I try to do crumbles, when Murphy’s Law rules the day, and when there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the pandemic, I pray for the parents who are trying to teach their children, work at home, and run a household. (And you?)

“Spirit of God, stir the energy of your JOY within me/us.”

Come Holy Spirit, when on those days I try to do too much and interruptions are not part of my agenda or when I stop trying to understand the other person, I need to take a break and go for a walk, or make a cup of tea and just breathe. (What are you willing to do?)

“Spirit of God, draw me/ us toward the energy of your PATIENCE.”

Come Holy Spirit, when I don’t have the energy to listen to the same story, when I can’t go the extra mile for someone or my answers become sharp, I need to remember how I would like to be treated and do likewise to others. (Your response?)

“Spirit of God, create in me/us the energy of your KINDNESS.”

Come Holy Spirit, when I begin to doubt that I am a beloved child of God, blessed with many gifts and talents, I need to celebrate the God that is within me, by whatever way possible sharing my talents with another. Maybe I can show someone how to use Zoom! (What do you believe?)

“Spirit of God, strengthen in me/us the energy of your GOODNESS.”

Come Holy Spirit, when in these difficult times, fear threatens to drown our trust in you, remind me to “remember how you loved me to your death and still we celebrate…” You are always there; I just need to look into the eyes of another person or at creation that surrounds me. (Do you remember?)

“Spirit of God, renew in me/us the energy of TRUSTING in you.”

Come Holy Spirit, when unfounded thoughts of others actions cause me to be harsh or abrupt, or when I feel challenged by another’s power, I need to clear my head of negative thoughts and do something nice for someone else. It works for me! (What can you do?)

“Spirit of God, bless me/us with the energy of your GENTLENESS.”

Come Holy Spirit, as we struggle with the disciplines of spiritual growth, as we yearn to be faithful amid the many changes that are happening, can I stick to the plan? I need to work on being more disciplined and use every grace-filled moment for the good of interior growth. (Do you have a routine?)

"Spirit of God, move me/us with the energy of your GUIDANCE.”

Well there you have it -- the wonderful gifts of the “Energies of the Spirit.” How are you willing to respond? I hope this helps reenergize you to celebrate Pentecost. The introverts in my home are safe for another few days, as writing this has energized me. Spirit be praised! Happy Birthday, Church!

Till next week,
Sister Theresita




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