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Meet Associates Genny and Robert Yeomans

October 25, 2018

My husband, Robert and I moved to Jamesport, NY in early 2000 and soon after met Sr. Jude Carroll, CSFN, at St. John the Evangelist Church in Riverhead, NY. We were invited to join the Associates of the Holy Family by Sr. Jude which we happily did. It has been a wonderful and inspiring journey.

We were both strongly influenced by the Sisters, and Robert especially by Sr. Ronald Wlodarczyk who became his spiritual director for a number of years. Sr. Ronald walked Robert through many of his questions on life and spirituality, and he found comfort and guidance in his spiritual walk.  

We found associating with the Sisters very beneficial. We understood their struggles especially during their reorganization and their personal challenges.

When Sr. Barbara Ann Medvesky became our facilitator for the associates, we were very impressed with her smiling face, her quick wit, her intelligence, her compassion and especially her sharing of her struggles. Her happy smiling face is an endorsement for the spiritual life. 

In our early conversations with Sr. Jude, I discovered that a child I babysat for was, in fact, a Sister of the Holy Family of Nazareth and a mentor for Sr. Jude. Her name is Sr. Frances Smalkowski. What a happy occasion and blessing when I finally met Sr. Frances and her mother! Later, I met the rest of her family and we were able to catch up on our lives. 

In our own family, we try by example to show others how important God is in our lives. We pray with our family before meals. We are constantly giving God praise, and we show others by the lives we lead how generous God is to those who love Him.

I particularly would like to thank Sr. Jude for giving us the opportunity to be part of the Association of the Holy Family. In addition, we would like to thank God for leading us on this journey.

* * *

Genny and Robert have five children, 15 grandchildren and 3 1/2 great grandchildren.

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