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June 10: Wednesday Reflection

June 10, 2020

Dear Friends,

Well, it is now about three months since we became very familiar with the phrase “Don’t really know, we have to wait and see.” That can be very challenging when we are juggling schedules, caring for children, working at home, and creating virtual birthday, anniversary, and cocktail parties. And, please don’t forget the prayer gatherings.

During this time, we have experienced many losses. Perhaps, we may say the loss of freedom. One of the greatest losses for many has been not being able to do what we normally do and go where we normally go at the times we want. There has been the loss of loved ones, loss of classroom learning, loss of jobs, loss of financial security, and loss of being able to hug a friend or make a surprise visit to someone in need. One way to deal with all of these losses -- and it is not easy -- is to gather them and place them before our God, trusting that He will always be with us. We really need to look at where we place our trust.

In these next coming weeks, things will be changing again, and we will be adding to the things we are now able to do. We will still have to deal with the losses and change, but God has given us the courage and wisdom to do it. As we look over the past months, let’s celebrate the things we have accomplished, mourn the losses, and hope for the future. We have learned much during this time – let’s keep those things we cherish and let the others go.

As we perhaps begin to transition from our shelter-in-place lives, keep in mind this quote I received from a friend today: “Holiness grows fast where there is kindness. I have never heard of kind souls going astray. The world is lost for want of sweetness and kindness” (St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta). The temptation may be to revert back to old ways and perhaps be demanding because of what we’ve been through. I say, a little kindness goes a long way. What we think will affect how we act so let’s keep those positive thoughts going and remember kindness and respect go a long way.

I ask that you pray for me as I lost my sister Donalea Donach Vanos on June 3. So, what I share with you is coming straight from my heart. People have been so kind and I am grateful. Thank you so much!

Till next week,
Sister Theresita

Image by reneebigelow from Pixabay

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