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June 19: Wednesday Reflection

June 19, 2019

Dear Friends,

I have always been fascinated by the word “namaste.” There are several translations for it but my favorite is “the God in me greets the God in you.” As I was thinking of this Sunday’s feast of Corpus Christi, I began to reflect on what the feast and the word “namaste” had in common.

Corpus Christi is about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. What connection does it have with namaste? The longer I thought about it the more I realized that although we can sit for hours before the Blessed Sacrament, what we should be asking ourselves is how do we take that real presence of Christ out into the world, our home, work place, parish community, schools etc.? One way is to become that Body of Christ, his hands and feet and heart. So when we say “namaste,” we would truly be saying “the God in me greets the God in you.”

Ah, but do we believe that? During this week, I was talking to a friend who was presenting on the topic of negotiating. I shared with her my word and said IF we greeted each other with that image in mind all negotiating would be a lot easier. We would LISTEN to other people, HEAR what they are saying, and not prepare our rebuttal while they were speaking to us. Imagine that! I would suggest that in most instances that is not the case.

Namaste -- the God in me greets the God in you. During those times when we are asked to be accountable or change our attitude about an issue, do we hear the words spoken to us as coming from someone representing the Body of Christ, trying to help us become our best self? Or, do we refuse to change because we don’t see God in the other person?

Imagine if we greeted each other recognizing the presence of God in the other person, the living breathing Corpus Christi! I think our families, work places, cities, churches and the world would be much different.

One last thought: a child who went to Mass regularly with his dad kept asking when he could receive communion. He would hear the priest and his dad pray before receiving, “Say but the word and my soul…” Finally one day when he went up with his father to receive communion, he said to the priest, “What is the word?” I think the word may be “namaste!” My challenge for this week is for each of us to see if we really recognize the presence of God in others and treat them as reverently as the Body of Christ. NAMASTE, my friends.

Till next week,
Sister Theresita

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